So, you want to throw a kick ass party, event, festival or just arrange some kind of awesome photo shoot?
Looking for a weird, creative, fun chick to get involved and make it even more amazing? Well, you’re in the right place!
We’re here to make it easy to get some seriously talented babes involved in your next creative project!
From amateur, wanna-be superstars looking for their chance to break in to the industry and show off their passion; to experienced professionals who have some serious skills, we host them all!
We arrange entertainment for all kinds of events, big and small!
Music festivals and gigs, expos, fashion shows, launch parties, music videos and photoshoots.  We have helped numerous events get that bit of extra attitude and we’re always keen to do more and more, the sky is the limit!

Before you get Doll hunting, there are a few things you should be brought up to speed on to make sure you’re doing it right!

* Check out the dolls individually and see if there is anyone who catches your eyes! Click the “Book Me” Option
* Our dolls are artists, models and performers, there is a zero tolerance for degrading comments or solicitation on the site. All contact forms are monitored by moderators before being sent on to the girl.
* When contacting us in regards to a booking be very clear about what is expected of them for your project, being vague is generally treated suspicious. The more specific you can be about a project the better.
* As we have a varying level of skills on our site, if you have a large scale or important event we recommend sending us an inquiry and let us help you source the right girls for your booking. Email us Directly at


So check out our dolls and get your next event planned with some awesome TrashDoll babes!