Setup / Safety


There are only three steps to setting up your new RAMM – See the instruction leaflet that comes in the box.

  1. Remove item from the carton
  2. Attach the loose caster and the Footstand Extension Bar to the main body of the RAMM.
  3. Adjust the position of the Footstand rest to suit your Motorcycle


Do Not Overtighten the Caster Nuts. Although you only need to fit one of the five casters, please ensure that you DO NOT overtighten the nut. If you do tighten to much, the swivel bearing will not operate correctly and you will find that the RAMM will not change direction easily.

SAFETY – Using the RAMM 

You must ensure that you follow these two rules when using your RAMM

  1. ALWAYS engage all of the brakes on the casters before loading or unloading your Motorcycle onto the RAMM.
  2. Leave your Motorcycle IN gear while it is on the RAMM. This prevents the Motorcycle from moving while you are maneuvering the Motorcycle into position.