The RAMM is fitted with 5 x 75kg Double Ball Bearing casters that are rated at 80kgs each. This gives the RAMM a rating of 400kgs. Please note that we are being very conservative. The bike at NO time has all of the weight on the RAMM. The front wheel and a proportion of the bike is always sitting on the floor and this considerably reduces the amount of weight that will be placed on the RAMM at any one time.

The two main elements you need to consider to work out if the RAMM will suit your Motorcycle are, Weight, addressed in the above FAQ and length.
The length that is a concern is the distance between the bottom of the kickstand and the approximate centre of the rear wheel of your bike. As can be seen in the picture below the rear wheel site on the main base plate and the kickstand needs to fit into the kickstand tray.
So if this measurement is between 60cm and 135cm then the RAMM will work


The casters are a vital part of any motorcycle dolly and we have researched the best possible wheel for the RAMM. They are Polyurethane on Polypropylene material with a solid steel mounting bracket. Double Ball Bearing for maximum manoeuvrability and rated at 80kgs per caster. They will not mark concrete or tile surfaces and at 75mm high, they will move across most cracks and imperfections with ease
Is the RAMM Powdercoated? And what colours are available
Yes the RAMM is Powdercoated. It comes in two colours, Black And Safety Yellow. We are able to powdercoat to a colour of your choice if required.
Obviously, we have not been able to test the RAMM with every bike on the market, but we are collecting date as we go along and make sure that any motorcycles that have difficulty using the RAMM will be listed here, and on our ??? Page

Motorcycle Issue
Suzuki M109 The rear tyre of 260mm is quite wide and can present difficulties is you do not ride straight onto the RAMM. The base of the RAMM is 300mm wide offering a small error for error.

REMEDY: We are currently developing a Heavy Duty model that will be wider in the base and will hold a greater weight. Please email us if you would like to be kept informed as to the progress of the new Heavy Duty model.

Harley Davidson VRod The same issue applies to the VRod as the M109 above.

REMEDY. The new Heady Duty model will solve this issue. Please email us if you would like to be kept informed as to the progress of the new Heavy Duty model.

Harley Davidson Fatboy LO & 883 Super Lo The lower models of some bikes may scrape when loading the bike onto the RAMM. This will depend on the exhausts fitted and the height of the bike.

REMEDY: The RAMM can still be used in these cases, but a slight lean to one side is sometimes required when loading the bike.

Delivery varies dependent on where you live:

Destination Cost
Perth $25
Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney $38
Darwin and Hobart $48
All other Australian locations $48
Local Perth pick-up is available by arrangement  
Yes, local pickup is available but we must make arrangements for a suitable time. We are located in the Northern suburbs of Perth.
Primarily we use Toll/Ipec who offer a fast and efficient road service to all parts of Australia
If you let us know at the time of purchase, we can have the driver leave your parcel in a secure location at your home, otherwise Toll will leave a note with advise where it can be collected.
Yes! We can customise your RAMM in a couple of ways.

  1. We can Powder coat your RAMM to your colour preference as long as we have the colour available. The only downside to this is there may be a delay of up to two weeks.
  2. If you Motorcycle is outside of the dimensions that our standard RAMM fits, we may be able to change some aspects to suit your ride. Please send us details if this is the case.