About Us

Oakcreek International is the manufacturer of the Rollaway Motorcycle Mover, affectionately known as the RAMM. We are a small family business based in Perth Western Australia and we currently operate from a home base..

The RAMM’s are 100% manufactured in Western Australia in and Metal Fabrication business based in the nearby industrial area of Wangara. We started development of the RAMM in July of 2015 and released the first model at the Perth Motorcycle and Scooter Show in October of 2015.

We are manufacturing a high quality product that is 100% Australian made, which in these days of Chinese manufactured products is becoming more difficult. When you produce products in Australia,  price will always be an issue although we are confident that our prices are extremely competitive when compared with the same quality product. To offset any difference  in pricing we offer a high quality product and superior customer service at all points, pre-sale, during the sale and after sales.

We do not have a showroom to maintain, And being home based we are able to keep costs to a minimum. We still offer the ability for people to view our product and we have customers visit us here on a regular basis by appointment. We are about to acquire a number of distributors across Australia so our customers will be able to view and try the RAMM prior to purchase. If you are a motorcycle dealer or alike, please feel free to contact us if you would like to stock our Rollaway Motorcycle Mover.

We ship our product all over Australia and as of April 2016 we can also now sell into America having secured very reasonable freight rates. We deliver to anywhere in Australia in 4 – 6 days depending on the customer’s location and can deliver to the USA in approximately 7 days.